74th Annual ICA Conference, Gold Coast, Australia | 20-24 June 2024. International Panel: The Emotive Forces of Digital Media in Human Rights Advocacy.

Chair: Katrin Döveling

Recent research has unveiled the profound emotional impact of digital media on marginalized groups, effectively amplifying their voices while nurturing emotional bonds within the context of human rights advocacy. This panel serves as a pivotal platform for delving deeper into these emotional dynamics and their intricate interplay with the logics of digital media. Esteemed scholars present their insights, fostering discussions that extend to the future directions of this research field, enriched by diverse international perspectives.

In an era dominated by the persistent march of digital media, marginalized groups have skilfully harnessed its power to amplify their voices and evoke profound emotional responses within the realm of human rights advocacy. This panel stands as a focal point for contemporary research perspectives that delve deeply into the inherent multifaceted emotional dimensions. It introduces fundamental concepts, findings and viewpoints concerning the intensification of emotions within the context of online human rights movements, all the while navigating the intricate interplay between these heightened emotional states and the constraints imposed by digital media.

As the digital landscape constructs narratives that beckon emotional identification, individuals from marginalized groups engage in communicative processes where they align themselves, both emotionally and ideologically, with like-minded individuals online. Within this emotionally resonant digital sphere, individuals find themselves on a multitude of relational paths, creating conduits that can enforce cohesive group processes. Consequently, engagement in emerging technology becomes inherently affective, giving rise to emotional bonds and collective imaginings. These bonds not only resonate deeply but also nurture an intense sense of social belonging. Amidst these intricate processes, challenges emerge. The unique logics that underlie diverse digital media possess the remarkable capability to either amplify the formation of emotional bonds or, in certain instances, diminish them. Recognizing the complexity of this interplay, this panel dedicates itself to navigating these challenges. Esteemed scholars in the field will illuminate prevailing trends, address methodological hurdles, and engage in substantive discussions about the future trajectory of research in this domain. All the while, they will meticulously consider the influential role played by digital media logics in shaping the emotional landscape.