Döveling, Katrin, Knorr, Charlotte (2018). Media Logic as Transaction Logic. An integrative perspective. In Caja Thimm, Mario Anastasiadis, Jessica Einspänner-Pflock (Eds.): Media logic(s) Revisited (133-156) London, New York, Shanghai: Palgrave McMillan. https://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-65756-1_7

The articles addresses three questions.

  1. How can media logic be conceptualized in a network society?
  2. How can interactivity be grasped in inter- and intra-systemic spaces?
  3. Which theoretical and empirical consequences arise from this perspective?

The articles introduces the term interaction interdependencies as a key variable in ongoing communicative patterns which enables us to grasp networked communication as a permanent feedback in parallel systems and measure the degree of connectivity. We thus conceptualize an Inherent Interaction Logic in mediatized environments as an interactive interdependency that links actions of the individual actors within systemic interrelated processes in different (partly) overlapping media environments (both private and public).