Death Online Research is a network of international researchers with a background primarily in the Humanities,  Social Sciences and Law studies. We study how dying, death and the afterlife is mediated and expressed online. This includes research into memorial sites online; new ways of grieving though social media; the use of mobile technologies in graveyards; the digital afterlife and people’s digital legacy; as well as a variety of other perspectives on the impact digital technology has on everyday practices in the context of death. The network was initiated by Stine Gotved, and the first assembly took place in January 2013 at the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark, co-funded with Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark.” (source:
Furthermore: “The network statement from our first meeting is unchanged: When an increasingly large part of life, from the most intimate to the most officious is manifest online, it should be of no surprise that death is there as well. We are able to relate to death online in different ways, e.g., before and after an actual physical death, or in more metaphorical ways within online forums, gaming environments and so on. Alongside the social media conversations, we have sites for mourning and remembrance as well as for legal advice, casket sale and funeral service. As the median age of the internet population continues to go up, matters connected to the physical death will have increasing importance.” (source: