Humans are social animals and flawed beings – according to historians and philosophers. Right now, in this digital age and above all mobile society, self becomes an inherently poignant aspect of human life and interaction. One aspect is the expression of self in different situations. Sports, trained bodies, muscular body proportions, or any condition that tends to the physical perfection and self-optimization.

A healthy body, a healty mind. However, is this true in the case of platforms like Instagram? I contributed to this article on bento, a subsidiary of the well-known magazine DER SPIEGEL and discussed these toppics. How do humans perceive themourselves in this digital time and age?

Was machen Fitness-Accounts auf Instagram mit uns?

Was machen Fitness-Accounts auf Instagram mit uns? Instagram zeigt meist dasselbe: Partyselfies im Club, Lunch in der Kantine, Outfit-Schaulauf am Strand. Und: Sport, Sport, Sport. Besonders Frauen zeigen auf ihren Profilen immer wieder ihre O uftits, posen mit verschwitzten Körpern oder präsentieren das Rezept eines selbst kreierten Fitmacher-Drinks.