In the winter semester, 12/13 Dr. Döveling, Chair of Media and Communication III, held the following classes and lectures:

In Media Content Analysis, theories, concepts, and empirical research findings were analyzed. In addition, methodological knowledge in the area of visual analysis was portrayed. The reason is that most content analyses give insight into textual content, yet there is a big lack of research in the domain of visual content. Thus, the class examined potential ways of research into visual communication.* In the summer semester 2013, the scope will be widened and the theoretically acquired knowledge will be put into use. In the winter semester 12/13, Dr. Döveling was equally part of the lectures Science Communication* and Reflexion. Another focus was the class Control of Communication Measures as well as the Research Project Online Emotions. Additionally, Dr. Döveling taught Qualitative Measures of Communication Science, a class, that has long not been given at the IfK.*

*supported by D. Reifegerste